Change head image?

can i also change the head image of the categories or posts?
and stick the head,
and the back ground employee is always black color when i put the background image.
how can i make non color when i put the pic ?

this is my website . thks alot!

Nope, you can only set unique images for pages.
Set your background image from the Page Builder > Edit Row > Theme > Background image and the employees won’t get a black background.

I don’t understand the other questions.

thks then, how can i stick the menu?

Do you mean how to make it non-floating? Use this in a custom CSS plugin if that’s what you mean:

.top-bar {
   position: relative !important;

thank you alot!

  1. if i want to separate the projects like A part , B part.
    how can i separate?
    all posts in project is in same project


You can separate them by categories. See the video here:

thks i did like the video.
( i could do that on main page )

if you see my site, all posts is in one project,
quiz, grammar, projects…

i would like make 3 projects, first project for quiz, 2nd project for grammar
sth like that, any ways? danke

for examples



That wouldn’t be possible with the projects, sorry.

no way? oh… sounds sad…

but thanks alot

what about pro ver? is it possible to do that ?