Change front page colors


Sorry, me again, other topic.
When I try to change che front-page color, nothing happened. Only the title color of any section change (except the "about us), but no border or background change.

Thanks a lot



What steps have you taken to try and change the front page colour? What colours are you trying to change exactly? And can you please include a link to your site so we can see?


from the customizer panel, where it say “front page colors”. If I try to change some colors in every section, nothing change.
I need to change that in the html code, i think, but I can’t find the portion of the code that change the colors




Just checked and it seems to be working fine. Could you please post a link to your website? Also, there is a new version available with some extra features if you want to download it. Or you can wait for it to be live soon.


I’ll try with the new version. Thanks a lot.