Change fonts

Hi guys,

I was wondering how can I reset (unclick) the 2 customisable fonts for this theme. What I actually want to do is to unclick the 2 fonts and leave those lists empty.

Any ideea?

Thank you.

Hi Florin,

Can you please elaborate more on your requirement and let us know what do you mean by unclick as I guess you would be using a font, what about choosing those

Please let us know more


Hi Matty,

I will explain: as you can see in the attached there is a screenshot of the font options in the Customize menu. Right now I have the 2 fonts selected: oswald & raleway.
Normally, right after the theme is installed the 2 fields for the fonts are empty and no fonts are selected.
I installed the theme and afterwards played with the fonts but I am not happy how the theme looks now.

What I want to do is go back to the initial look of the theme (where no fonts were selected in the 2 fields).

I have completly removed the theme and install it again but no luck - the fonts are still in the 2 fields.

Thank you.

Hi Florin,

Thanks for the explaination. I get what you want now.

To do so, add the following lines in the theme’s functions.php file and refresh your site. Once done check the options and those would be blank.

After all these are done, remove the lines too.

set_theme_mod( 'headings_fonts', '' );
set_theme_mod( 'body_fonts', '' );

Hope it helps!!