Change Font colour services


Have tried custom CSS and the customizer to change the font colour in the body of the individual services, but keep failing.
Tried custom CSS below

section##services .feature .info p {
color: #000;
can someone help? just need the font colour to be white.


Sorry that was:

section#services .feature .info p {
color: #000;


Hello there,

Have you managed to fix this?

If not, please share your page link with us.


Hi link below, page not completed yet.


Hello again,

To change color for services descriptions, use custom css code below:

.service-desc span {
    color: #ffcc00 !important;

And of course, change color value to your liking .


Angels walk among us, thank you, it was doing my head in.

Have a good one

You’re welcome,

And thank you for using Moesia Theme.

All the Best!

Hi I wanted to change the size of text in service widget and used a heading for the caption and the text in the service text field. Now all is grey, although I selected black (#1c1c1c) in service widget on site builder. Any ideas how I can turn color to black?
Here is my website: