Change font awesome to different icon framework (fontawesome)

I’m getting zero response from my other post. Not sure if I’m being ignored or what. But I didn’t pay for these products to be ignored by the support I’m told I get for my money. So I’m reposting anew in the hopes of finding someone else who can help. :slight_smile:

Even the latest version of FontAwseome is quite limited in available icons. And I’ve been searching for a long time via Support; I’ve seen several posts asking essentially the same question. And sometimes asking not only about different icons other than FontAwesome, but also changing colors, modifying icons sizes, custom icons, etc.

In all the posts I’ve read, I’ve seen relatively random answers from different support staff. Ad-hoc CSS changes (all different, and some very inefficient in nature), various HTML hacks, *.php file modifications, etc. It’s all quite confusing and nothing is clear.

How about just a definitive, “Step-by-Step” on how to use different icon toolkits other than FontAwesome?

Also, how would one go about using custom icons in the same manner? IE: How does one modify the classes or use customer CSS to inject one’s own icon into those AThemes artifacts?

Humble Future AThemes Version Addition: Ideally, it would be great to be able to place the applicable icon toolkit’s embed code in a single textbox under the applicable theme’s “Appearance => Customize” section, rather than have it hard-coded throughout the CSS and various *php files. Make it generic and configurable.

But, in the absence of that, please provide clear, concise, instructions on how to use a different online and/or downloaded icon toolkits. We need a much greater availability of icons.

I love AThemes. Thanks so much!!!


Really sorry to hear about the troubles you’ve been having.

Basically the reason you’ve been seeing various answers is because the theme won’t allow other icons than Fontawesome in the Services widget (this is the widget you’re interested in from what I just read in your other thread?). So even if you load a new set of icons, you still can’t use them by simply typing the name, like you can now with Fontawesome.

So here’s an easy solution for you:

  1. Use this plugin and add a CDN link to the font pack you want (assuming you haven’t loaded one already). For example for Typicons: <link rel=“stylesheet” href=“” />
  2. Decide what icons you want and for what services, share a link and I’ll help you with the custom CSS as that’s the only way to do it. It’s not hard so you’ll probably be able to do it yourself afterwards.

Regarding your suggestion: as explained above, simply loading the icons wouldn’t solve anything so unfortunately adding an option to add the embed code won’t help.