Change Font Awesome to Different Icon Framework (FontAwesome)

Even the latest version of FontAwseome is quite limited in available icons. And I’ve been searching for a long time via Support; I’ve seen several posts asking essentially the same question. And sometimes asking not only about different icons other than FontAwesome, but also changing colors, modifying icons sizes, custom icons, etc.

In all the posts I’ve read, I’ve seen relatively random answers from different support staff. Ad-hoc CSS changes (all different, and some very inefficient in nature), various HTML hacks, *.php file modifications, etc. It’s all quite confusing and nothing is clear.

How about just a definitive, “Step-by-Step” on how to use different icon toolkits other than FontAwesome?

Also, how would one go about using custom icons?

Humble Future AThemes Version Addition: Ideally, it would be great to be able to place the applicable icon toolkit’s embed code in a single textbox under the applicable theme’s “Appearance => Customize” section, rather than have it hard-coded throughout the CSS and various *php files. Make it generic and configurable.

But, in the absence of that, please provide clear, concise, instructions on how to use a different online and/or downloaded icon toolkits. We need a much greater availability of icons.

I love AThemes. Thanks so much!!!

Hello there,

Thank you for suggesting a new feature. Really appreciate it. If there is enough demand from our users and we see its fit, we will be considering to do it.

To enable other font icons, you can follow this helpful tutorial.


There has been a lot of activity on your Support channels on the subject. I’d say that clearly shows there’s plenty of demand. :wink:

Thanks much for passing the info along! I’ll look into it and report back. You guys are always very prompt. Superb WordPress artifacts and superb Support!

Adding icon font plugins that can be injected into various textual and HTML locations via tokens isn’t quite what I’m looking for. That’s easy. What I haven’t been able to find is how to use custom icons in things like the Services area. IE: At the bottom of Service configuration, we have the “Service Icon” and “Service Link” configuration textboxes.

Services is imported in as a part of the ATheme configuration (via settingsv10.xml, as of this writing) of the Types plugin. Since the config file has no reference to FontAwesome, I’m assuming the details are instead hard-coded into the ATheme CSS files (though I could be wrong).

How does one go about reconfiguring the AThemes them to be able to use other icon fonts in the “Service Icon” textbox?

Hello there,

The services icons was defined in the “Service info” metabox in the service item editing screen (Dashboard > Services > edit one item).

To change it with other icon, you can supply the icon class name in the “Service icon” input field.


Sir…please re-read the entire thread. I’m afraid you’re not reading or listening.

I already know how to change them out. That’s quite elementary. I want to know how to use other icon font toolkits in the same manner, using the same textboxes for configuration.

As an example, go look at the Moesia demo:

Scroll down and see the “Our Services” area. I want to be able to swap those icons out, which are configured from within the areas I mentioned clearly above.

As of this writing, the only toolkit available to use intrinsically is I want to know how to:

A) Use other icon font toolkits & frameworks in the same manner if they’re online. And,

B) Use other icon font toolkits & frameworks in the same manner if they’re uploaded to the site or installed as a plugin.

Please advise…thank you.

I am still waiting to hear back on this. Please get other techs involved if necessary to resolve.