Change custom logo link?

Hello. I love the Astrid theme. The site I am developing is here:

Is it possible to change the link on a custom logo? I would like to link back to our main website with that.

Also, I changed the height of the site branding area to accommodate the shape of our logo (150x120). It works fine in desktop mode, but it seems to revert to the origanal theme dimensions in mobile. How would I change the mobile display to keep it looking the same?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there,

You can use this javascript snippet code to change your custom-logo-link. Put the code below using TC javascript plugin:

jQuery('a.custom-logo-link').attr('href', 'YOUR URL HERE')

I’ve checked your site logo on both desktop and mobile screen, and the logo displaying the same height and width on both screens. So, I didn’t see issue in your logo.