Change colours social media buttons employees


I have the moesia Pro theme, which is awesome and very user friendly.
There is only one thing I can’t figure out.

I can change all the colours of every single button, except the colours for the social media buttons which are displayed in the employee section.

What am I missing here?

Hi, there is option: Appearance > Customise > Front Page Colors, EMPLOYEES SECTION > Employees section functions&social icons.

Thanks, that was one part, but I still don’t manage to change the hover colour, once you go over the icons with your mouse it remains red. All colours which we’re standard red, our set to my colour, but still the hover for the social icons in the employees section remains red?

I obviously miss something here…

As far as I know there is no option for hover color. That certainly should be implemented. For now apply custom CSS code below and set your desired color:

.employee-social .fa:hover {
    color: #cc0000;

You can use simple custom CSS plugin or similar.

They should yes, let’s see what happens.

Where exactly do I need to fill in the css code?

Install simple custom css plugin.

Here, check this image.