Change colour of Page Title background box

Hi aThemes,

Firstly, I am enjoying Sydney so far although only just started a short while ago.

I have two related questions at this point.

  1. Can I change the background box colour at the Page Title area? and How do I do that? I.E. on other pages other than the front page.
    When I click the ‘Hide Page Title’ box, the name of the page disappears, however I can not seem to change the white box that is left to a colour that better suits the rest of my page.

  2. Will the Pro version, give me the ability to do this and more flexibility with changes throughout the theme.

Here is an example of the white box in the ‘Page Title’ area for my Contact page that I want to have control over. I have currently left the Page Title of “Contact” in place, however I do know how to hide this.

Kind regards
Shaunie P

Hello there,

The white box comes from the content wrapper background. So you have to make it transparent; it can be done by adding the below CSS code into your site’s additional CSS option under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

.page-id-62 .page-wrap .content-wrapper {
   background-color: transparent;

If you want to do this on your other pages, duplicate that code and adjust the page ID. You can find it when you are editing the page. In the web browser’s address bar, you’ll see something like:


Hi Kharis,

Thank you so much for your post and code.
This is exactly what I needed.
I am totally grateful.

Shaunie P

No problem. Just go easy on it.

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.



What do you mean, "Just go easy on it:? Are you talking about the code?

Shaunie P