Change colour in front page

Hey Vlad!
I am here again, this time i am facing one problem in quill theme.
I cannot change Title color in about section. I have changed it to blue but still its showing black and not changing into blue. All other blocks are just working fine. Here is the screenshot:
Can you please help.

Hi, overwrite styles.php file (theme folder) with this one until we prepare theme update.

Quill – 1.07 is available now

got it)

Thanks Dimikjones!
It solved after updating theme to latest version.
But i want to know one thing that can i remove sidebar from my website’s about & contact us page? If yes, how? I think once Vlad helped Jonathan regarding this with his website here :

You just have to edit these pages and to set template to Full width (Page Attributes - to the right when you edit page).

oh thanks… It worked