Change colors in the widget areas and 2 other issues

Hi Vlad & Co.

I have 3 things

  1. How do I change colors for the social icons in the footer widget area of the front page?

  2. And also I have added a Moesia:Video widget on the front page… How do I cahnge the color of the main title and main title decoration?

  3. I dont know if it’s only me, but for some weird reason my header image for another page wont show up? I ticket the box to upload a custom image for it, in the page edit and gave the direction to the image, and also ticket the box in the welcome area, to only show that header in the front page…
    Thanks in advance…


  1. They’re part of the color scheme. If you like to change them directly you can use this in a custom CSS plugin (which you’re going to need anyway for nr.2):

.social-widget li a::before,
.social-area a:before {
    color: #333;

And replace #333 with the color you want.

  1. Again, this would go in a custom CSS plugin:

.widget_moesia_video_widget .widget-title {
    color: #333;
.widget_moesia_video_widget .widget-title::after {
    border-color: #333;

  1. That’s strange. Are you sure the path to the image is correct? What theme version are you using please and can you post a link to that page?

Okay nice Vlad, thanks a lot! :wink:

My theme is version 1.30

But can you please tell me how to upload custom css?
Would you put it somewhere in the css folder of the moisa pro theme?

Im new to this css wordpress thingy…
you can try, but I dont think you will be able to get there, cause my school have some Country Restrictions… , maybe with a VPN or something.

But basically, I have video header on front page, and then for the second page I tiecked the custom header and uploaded a 1920 x 550 picture…

No, not in the folder, the whole point is to keep your customizations outside of the theme files so you can keep your changes after you update the theme.
So you need to use a plugin, like this one, and add the custom CSS in the panel it provides.

Can’t visit your website, but I found the issue. There is a bit of code missing and thus preventing the use of individual header images when the video header is active. You have three options:

  • I can tell you how to fix it and you can do it yourself if you’re comfortable with editing PHP files;
  • you can wait until tomorrow when the new update will be live and it will fix this issue;
  • you can use the bundled Revolution Slider for your video as it is much more powerful than the regular video header. And the issue isn’t present when the header is made with Revolution.

Okay thanks a lot, really appreciate the support! =)

I will try to do the custom css… I can of course use 6 digits instead of 3 for the color code, right?

I will wait till tommorow then as I am going to update it anyways…

Yeah I havent jumped in to the revolution slider yet, as it takes a great amount of time to get into, something Im lacking atm :wink: But thanks, I will definitely use it later!

And lovely theme!

Yeap, you can use any color format you like.

Okay, I have installed that simple css thing, now how do i chnage the colors? I dont see any custom css edit in the frontpage edit page. =S

Okay Now I succeded changing the title color to black, but I still have the orange thing for the 2 lines beneath… =S Are you sure it’s like this?

.widget_moesia_video_widget .widget-title::after {
    border-color: #333;

I want to change the color to white like this I guess:

.widget_moesia_video_widget .widget-title::after {
    color: #fff;
.panel.widget .widget-title:after {
	position: absolute;
	left: calc(50% - 35px);
	width: 70px;
	content: "";
	border-bottom: 6px double #fff;
	bottom: -10px;

Okay I tried this one, and it seemed to work, found it under dev tools and used the search icon on the title after thingy… =)

But now Im just afraid that it may influence something else somewhere… ? But the lines got white…

It will make other third party widgets get white borders too. So it won’t cause any horrible issues. Though the code I gave you should have worked too.

Okay but it didnt work, with your line of code for some reason…

But I see you have updated the theme, and I just updated it too then, but the custom header on the other page still doesnt work =(

I also have another question, you see, this

Here there is like 5 icons in the footers social widget… But one of them is off to next line, how would you shrimp it, so they all get into one line?

Is it possible to fiddle with the spaces inbetween the icons, or perhaps set a max width, somehow to fit the widget area size… I have no clue how to do it, hope you can help =)

Also I tried to create a themed slide in the revolution slider and choose it from the list on the “bag om” page, but it still doenst show me any header of any kind… -.-

Could you try clearing your cache? I’m pretty sure it works after I’ve fixed it. I mean I see it working on my server :slight_smile:

You can add this for the social icons if you want to change the spaces:

.social-widget li {
   padding: 8px 8px;

And change the second 8px to the value you want. Though 5 icons appear per row on an 1366px wide screen as it is now.

I’m not sure I understand about the slider. From what list have you chose it?

Okay thanks for the answer, I fixed the social icon padding now! :wink:

Im currently waiting to spend some youtube storage bandwidth to show you what is going on with that header thing… :wink:

Great, what about the first issue you mentioned with the header? Have you tried clearing your cache?

Yeah and also, is it possible to move the menu headlines to the bottom part of the header?

The thing is, that im trying to mimick the website for a school project, and it has the header menu titles in the buttom =)

And here os the video for the header I tried to explain =) (it still uploading, maybe )

That’s strange. Do you have a caching plugin maybe.
As I said, it’s working without issues now. See here and here an inner page.

That dropdown won’t set a Revolution slider in your header. The only option to have different headers is to add them from the Individual header image option, which seems isn’t working for you.

Is there now way I can have access to your site?

Only if you use a VPN perheps… with Denmark as a location…

But could you tell me how I can change the header menu titles position? to be near the buttom insted of near the top?

Otherwise there is teamviewer? if you know that? A great remote support tool =) That way I can give you access and you can maybe see what’s wrong…