Change color on Widget title


I would like to change the color on the title on some of my widgets on my firstpage. As you can se “OM OSS” (the second widget) the title is in black, and i would like it in white.

How do I customize titles?


In the same way you changed the widget text to white, but do it from Edit Row instead of clicking on the edit button for the widget.

Forgot to mention, using Edit Row > Theme > Color will change the color for all row elements, so title+text in your case.

Hi Vlad,

I’ve tried that but it wont work. It doesnt matter witch color i pick, it stays black…

I’ve created an account for you, if you could log in and try it?


Thank you in advance.


Please don’t ever post accounts in public.

You just need to update the theme, I see you’re using the previous version which has a minor conflict with the page builder regarding colors.
I would have updated it myself but I didn’t knew if you have any code changes you’d like to save first.

Thank you so much.