Change Color of Line in Widget

I would like to have in a normal text widget the line that separates the header from the text in color white. Now is red, look at photo.

How do I do that?

Those separating lines are part of the color scheme. If you want to change just for one widget, post a link to the page where I can find that widget please.

Yes exactly. So I thought that, that there would have to customize css for this one widget …

I mean the ordinary WordPress Text Widget, pretty far down on the page with “Seine 1.Audition” as a headline. > it’s my site

This would do it:

#panel-8-8-0-0 .widget-title::after {
    background-color: #fff;

and the same the line black?

and WHERE EXACTLY do i insert this code?

it doesn’t work at child theme css, and by “css” in the widget does not too

In the child CSS. I don’t see it there. Can you re-add it? To make it black change #fff to #000

okay i try again…

Yes, now it works. (y) Have to delete the cache and refreshed again.

The line is gone at once again! Why that?

In one text widget the line is black, the case of two other text widgets but the line is red (color: D65050). Because they should be black too there.

hallooooooo…??? any idea for solution??

Looks like we missed your topic.

The black line moved from SEINE 1. AUDITION to THOMAS BORCHERT IN CONCERT because it is set by ID. So when you add extra rows the IDs change.
So now it’s #panel-8-9-0-0 in the code instead of #panel-8-8-0-0. What others need to be black because I see the first time the code was just for one.

okeeeeeee :slight_smile: and what code i need for the second row? (i mean the row with “MOZART! - UPDATES”)

@ Vlad: can you help me…? what’s the code for the second row? (i mean the row with “MOZART! – UPDATES”)

i have done! Ich hab es geschafft :slight_smile:

Sorry, went offline last night after I replied.

I see you did it?

Ah, okay :slight_smile: