Change color letters and social media icons in the header

Hello Roman, the letters that go in the header can only be seen when I pass the mouse over them, they become plumb but when they do not go back to their original color that is white and they can not be seen because the field they are placed on is also white .
I would like plumbs to always remain and only by turning the mouse would they turn red. How can I do it?

Attached a capture and the link for you to review.

Best regards

Hi there,

You can use this CSS code to change the URL color above the header image

.has-hero .header-contact, .has-hero .header-contact a {
    color: black;

.has-hero .header-contact, .has-hero .header-contact a:hover {
    color: #e64e4e;

Put the code into Customizer > Additional CSS.