Change color background contact info header

Dear Support,

Is there a way I can change the color of the contact info header? I’ve tried to change it in the Customizer, but it doesn’t seem to have effect on the color.

The website is:

Kind Regards,

Aron Verhoeven

Hello Aron,

You can use this CSS code to do that.

    .header-contact {
      background-color: #ccc !important;

Add it to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS from dashboard.



I’m having the same problem as @aronverhoeven and a few others that have posted about the contact color issue. I’m glad to have the CSS workaround (I’ll try the code above) but when will this be fixed? Right now, changing the color in customizer doesn’t work.


Hello there,

Color option for header contact info block hasn’t been added yet. I’ll register it to our milestones and hopefully will be added in the next version.


I think there is an option for it already. See this screenshot:

If that changes something else, please let me know, haha, as I (and a few others, it seems) are confused about it.