Change box size on Client Page

I’ve created a Clients Page using the Talon: Clients Widget and have a question or two:

The page I’ve created is here:


  1. is it possible to make the box that contains the client logo shorter? The width is fine.
  2. is it possible to add page scrolling? I’ve only added a few to test out the feature, but have many more to add.

Thank you.



Here is to make the box shorter:

.panel-widget-style-for-92-0-0-0 .featured-item {
    height: 150px;

Did you mean that you want to add a scroll inside the Client container? If yes, you can add this code below:

div#pl-92 {
    max-height: 500px;
    overflow: auto;

Add the code in above to Customizer > Additional CSS.