Change body text font color - everywhere

I have trouble reading and therefore do not like type that isn’t fully black. I thought Sydney had solved all my problems for a theme to use and reuse and reuse, but not if I have to live with gray type. I literally can’t handle it.

Please tell me how I can save Sydney, and all the work I’ve done on it so far by changing the type of black everywhere – all the widgets, all the sidebars, everywhere.

And why not make that an option in your Customization options? REALLY thoughtless not to, IMO. One of the main reasons I chose it to start with was the promise that I could customize with Google fonts. But then I learn NOT font colors.

Thanks in advance.

Hello there,

Sydney has color options which can be managed from Appearance > Customize > Colors. The body text option is in the General group. Doesn’t this work for you? Is there any specific content which has separate text color? If so, please share its page URL, so I can inspect and suggest some CSS code solution.