Change background for certain widget in Sydney


In my site I tried to change the background color for my “Sydney FP: List” widget to yellow, however only partial of it is colored - the remaining part of the widget is still in white background.
This is the screenshot:

I would like the red colored part I shaded, to be in yellowed color as well (as per screenshot):

I tried many times but I could only change the ENTIRE ROW (including the image on the left side) to yellow color.
Is there any way anyone could help with me this?



Can you please provide a link to the page that contains that row?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

my site is not ready for viewing yet.
could you assist me based on the screenshots above?



I don’t think so. I tried to achieve that on my localhost, but I couldn’t do it as well.

I can try to provide some CSS code, but please leave here a note when your site is live.

Kind Regards, Roman.