Change animation for button

Hello everyone.

Could anybody help me with changing animation for button on “Call to action” widget in page builder? I would like to set a solid color on button before placing the cursor on it? There not have to be even any animation but by now button is transparent (you can only see frame) and illegible. Thanks in advance for help.

Hello there,

I would like to apologize in advance for the delayed respond.

In order to achieve that objective, you should need to add a custom class name to your respective widget. Edit widget > Widget Styles > Attributes > Widget Class. Specify your custom class name here, e.g. solid-button. Then to style the button, you should need to add the following CSS code through the Simple Custom CSS plugin?

.solid-button .more-button,
.solid-button .more-button:hover{
  background: #ff0000;
  border-color: #ff0000;
  color: #fff;

Adjust the hex color code values as needed.


Yes you’re right. I found this by myself earlier, but anyway thank you for help.