Change a page template

Hi Vlad,
I’m facing a problem with a page template or way to show documents:
In the footer A I want to list some legal information (just the headline). When the visitor clicks on a topic in this list, the document should appear.

I have added 2 pages on Level 2 in Menue Contacts and I have set a link to the referring topic in the footer. It all works. The problem is the layout of this 2 pages on level 2: it looks like a blog, where visitors can leave a comment
If I choose “default Template” the layout is like this (like a blog), when I choose another page template nothing appears.

Question 1: how can I delete the “Leave a comment” box on the default page template
Question 2: is there another way to show the documents behind the topics in the footer ?

Pls help


  1. You don’t need to delete it, you can remove comments just like you would with any other theme - Edit page > Discussion. See Screen Options if discussion isn’t showing.
  2. I don’t really know what you mean regarding these documents.

Have you tried using the full width page template and it doesn’t show anything?