Chaging Sizes Moesia Extensions (e.g. AboveHeader, Footer )

Hello Vlad,

How can I change the size (height and width) of the moesia extensions (e.g. Above Header, Footer etc)?

Also can I change the number of columns within the Footer Options (currently divided in Footer A, B and C)?




How exactly would you like to change the height and width? The width is full (for the background) and the height matches the widgets. Not sure I understand.

You can hide one for example and show only two at 50%-50% width. But you can’t show more than three without involved code changes.

Hello Vlad,
Thank you for the reply.

Yet I need to know how can I add a flag (language) icon at the Menu Bar (NavBar)to switch in-between languages.

Sorry for being a complete newbie at chaging these things.


Looks like you’re in the wrong topic.

I think the plugin gives you this ability. Check Appearance > Menus. Please note that we handle theme support here, not plugin support. Thanks for understanding.

Thanks Vlad - I found a way to solve this issue with

Have a great day. :smiley: Cheers.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. But you’re going to need to change the IDs for the menu items.

Hi there Vlad,
I don’t know why, but my widgets in the below header sections aren’t with full width.

I tried many things, but I can’t solve this problem, do you know what might be happening?



The content itself isn’t full width. Only the background color (if you have one) is.

Hi Vlad,

I was reading through this topic hoping to find the answer on how to create a footer 50/50 and hiding one.
It’s mentioned here, but I can’t find how to adjust this within the theme.