Centering single blog posts & home page


I love the Sydney template and all of the options. One thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to get the single blog posts to display the images in a centered fashion with no sidebar. Currently the sidebar is empty on the single blog post pages so its a large white space on the right. Is there a way to get the blog posts to fit the container or be centered in the middle?

As for the home page, I have a tiled gallery that sits to the left side of the page. I’d love to have it span the whole width of the container instead of having widgets on the right side. Currently I do have widgets in place to take up some of the open space. If this isn’t something that can be adjusted the page is ok with the widgets. Is there a way to center the gallery on the home page and not have the sidebar?

Thanks for the help!

Also the website is:


I see you figured it out for the posts?
For your front page you could assign the Full width page template. You’ll also need to make a small code change (which we’ll also be making in a future version) to get the gallery full witdh. Appearance > Editor > functions.php - search for 640 and replace it with 1170.

The blog images (setup in a tiled gallery) are still hugging the left side of the container, with white space on the right side. The featured image is centered, but not the images that are in the content area. How could I go about getting the images in a post to be centered.

This is the most current blog: and it illustrates the issue.

I appreciate the help.

The changing of the size in functions.php worked on the blog too! Thank you!