Center Pricing Tables

How can I center the two pricing tables I have on this page?

I have tried to choose “Center” under layout and content alignment but it still doesnt work. Any additional padding just compresses the tables together without any adjustment. And I change the amount of tables to show to 2, but it still wants to act like a third one is there.

Please help.



Yeah, it expects 3 tables on the same row.
You can use this in a custom CSS plugin:

.pricing-section .col-md-4 {
    display: inline-block;
    float: none;
    vertical-align: top;
    width: 32%;


The code works great to centre two tables, but it doesnt work if I have just one table…

I have one page with 3 tables, one with 2 tables, and one with 1 table.

How can I have all of them centred?

The only difference is that for the one with 2 tables you have the widget alignment set to center. So the code will also work for the page with 1 table if you switch from left to center.

I used the code and it works great on desk top but on mobile view it bunch my 3 tables together horizontally instead of vertically. How can I get it to be centered on all devices and on mobile vertically stacked with one table on top of the other?