Center headline and 2 colums


I want to have a new row.
Split 50% / 50% for some content.
That’s no problem.
Now I can put some content in left or right column.
But how do I get a headline with align center?
Not in left or right column, it should be centred completely.

Is there the oportunity, to create a row like this:

100% (for headline, centered)
50% / 50% (for split content)

I tried the following:
I’ve inserted 2 rows.
One with 100% for the headline (centered)
And the 2nd row with 50% / 50% split for content.
So I get the headline centered and I can use split content.

But then I’ve got the problem, that the space between headline and content is to huge, see my other post:

Hope you can help.

Hello there,

Thank you for reporting.

I thought we should need to add some extra CSS codes there. Could you please post your URL so we can get the exact CSS selectors?

Warmest regards,