Center Alignment on a row using a plugin

Something weird is happening with the aligment no sure if the theme is the cause or the plugin that I am using to display the content (Event Make Easy) or maybe my eyes are playing a trick on me. See picture below.


Anyway I wonder if you have any thought as how to properly center align the content of the Events. It seems that it is just a little bit off. The rows are already set to align center.


Lists have some left padding by default in the theme. That content is actually a list, that’s why it has that small offset. If you have a custom CSS plugin, add this please:

.widget_eme_list ul {
      padding: 0;

That was just awesome! I spend a couple of days trying to figure out by myself. I should have asked earlier. Beautiful! Thank you!

I just upgraded to Sydney Pro and am now having a similar alignment issue with the text on my homepage slider images.

Any ideas?

Go to Appearance > Editor and add this at the bottom of your style.css for the moment please:

.slide-text.slides {
   padding-left: 0;