CDN CloudFront breaks theme

Hi, I am Sydney Pro user, latest version + latest Wordpress.
I just set up the Amazon’s CDN service. Wordpress was configured by means of W3 Total cache plugin. All media, wp-includes, theme, CSS, JS, and custom files were successfully loaded to CloudFront’s bucket.
Unfortunately, I cannot get the site properly running. The theme breaks. Content is there.

Any experience or hint?

Kind Regards,

Hello there,

Please share your site link here, so I can have a look.

Not sure if it is theme-related issue. What will happen if you temporarily switch to the default WordPress theme?


Hey Kharis,
the site is When CDN SSL is off it is all good. When CDN SSL is on, then I get a couple of “Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token” - try to replicate behavior with Chrome in developer/debugging more.

Best regards,

Kharis, perhaps this has to do something with encoding. I tested with different browser and from different locations and it sometimes is Ok (e.g. with Mozilla Firefox) and sometimes not OK.