or i might be logged into the hosting services… i dont know if thats the same thing as the ePanel

Go to File Manager, then public_html > wp > wp-content > themes > find the Alizee folder and rename it, then visit your site and see if it’s alright.

Okay followed all the steps… but once i go to my site, nothing happens

It’s ok, login to your site and switch themes.

just to any other theme?

okay yeah i switched back to my original theme! ready for the next step

Yeah, now reinstall Alizee.

THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! You literally saved my life! I am so happy thank you thank you!!! got it all working again

lol so the category issue… how would i fix that where they aren’t all jumbled up

You’re welcome. Install this plugin to add CSS code so you won’t mess with the theme files again. Open it up and you’ll see it has an area for you to put the code I gave you.

YES! literally i thank you so so so much! sorry it was a pain dealing with me and you had the best customer service ever! thank you again

You’re welcome. Have a nice day.

You too!

Hey there again! haha on the right side of the post overview why is the text all weird? i want to edit that so it doesn’t look like that. How would i approach that ?

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you be more specific?

if you go to the home page and as you scroll down, you see the posts. On the right of the picture, how do i get rid of the the numbers and “likes” or “dislikes” in the white box.

I told you that the Likes are from a plugin, not from the theme. The numbers cannot be removed unless you remove them from the post itself.

Are there any options in the pro version of alizee where i can have the posts where it just shows the title and not the brief description?

I am about to buy the pro version of Alizee, how did you guys put the social widget at the bottom of the demo for the pro version … I love the way that looks and would like to put that in mine too!

I just bought it… and how do i activate it to my website? i have the file saved