So when i click the category on click on the blue facts of the day tab and it should take you to … why does it look all jumbled and also there are white boxes in the background that look odd. How do i fix this? Plz help

There’s probably a conflict with something or you changed something to the code. The issue is not present in our theme demo or in the demo from

You can fix it by adding this:

.hentry {
   overflow: hidden;

Thank you for responding! Where would I insert that html text at?

I completely just messed up the functions.php… i can’t even get to my home screen or the functions.php editor anymore. Plz help

That’s CSS, not HTML.

You can either insert it at the bottom of your style.css file (Appearance > Editor and it’s the file that opens automatically) or in a custom CSS plugin (recommended).

Sorry… dont really know the website language. why does it keep saying this?

Because you broke it :slight_smile:

Are you able to acces your dashboard and reinstall the theme?

Damm… haha no every time i click theme under the appearance tab or anywhere else it comes up the error

I’m guessing you cannot access your editor either to change back functions.php, right?

The solution would be to go to your server from a FTP client (or from the File Manager in your cPanel), rename the Alizee folder to something else and your site will default to Twenty Fourteen, then simply reinstall Alizee.

i feel dumb… where is the FTP client (or from the File Manager in your cPanel). I don’t know where any of this stuff is! So so so so Sorry

You really shouldn’t have messed with the functions.php file.

The FTP client is nowhere if you don’t have one installed. I recommend Filezilla, but you need to have a ftp account from your host.

But let’s try the cPanel (or whatever you have). Can you log to your server and see the place where you installed WordPress from?

i know… i dont know what i was thinking. and would the host be green geeks? thats what i used. And i don’t think i can see the place i installed wordpress from… are you talking about the website i downloaded it from?

I see that green geeks uses a cPanel. Do you remember ever seeing this: ?

Can you access that for your server? You only need to go here: and add the user and password that your host gave you.

Let me know if you can log there and we’ll move forward.

No i don’t ever remember seeing the first link… i don’t think they ever directed me to that page. Do i set up my ftp account through

No, that’s just a demo link. Check the emails from your host, you need to have an account for your cPanel. Use that account to login to the second link I gave you, the one from your site.

Okay cool! I got logged into the “demo page” but can’t seem to log into

I’m sorry, I can’t help much if you don’t find your account so you can log in.

would the account info be in the very first emails green geeks sent me?

Yeap, and since you installed Wordpress on your server you probably used the account at some point.

okay i am pretty sure i am logged into the cPannel! what do i do from here?