Category urls showing a error 404 page

Hi, I am using sydney theme for a travel website. I have made country(for example Singapore) as a category & and have made sub categories like Family, Architecture, Museum, Food etc.

All the sub categories urls are showing me error page. I have even disabled all plugins and have been researching online for am answer for the past three days but I cannot figure out the problem. I have placed category.php (took it from twentyfourteen theme) in the themes/sydney folder.

Can you please help me resolve this? I want the sub categories urls to show all the posts listed under it. For example, if I am on Family page, i want all the pages under ‘Family’ category to be shown in that category template.

I am not a coder but just about manage to make my way through…

Can you please help to resolve this? Thank you so much.



Please post a link to your website, so I can check.

Best Regards,