Category URLs showing 404 error pages


I use the sydney theme for my website. I inserted a few projects and added them to 3 categories. I changed the slug “projects” to “realisations” and updated the permalinks. Everything works fine: the project is displayed as it should and so is the projects archive template.

However, I have trouble with the categories I added to the projects: I get an error page (404) each time I click on the link displayed in “Published in your-category”.

I can see that there’s the same issue on the demo: if you try to access the “nature” category, you get an error page :

Is there any way to correct this ? It doesn’t really look good regarding user experience. Thanks for your help.

Hello there,

The first thing to do when you got such this trouble after changing the permalink slug of certain post type is flushing your site permalinks structure by going to Settings > Permalinks. There is nothing to do here, just hit the Save Changes button.


Hello Kharis,

Thanks for your answer. I did save the permalinks, a few times actually after I saw I was not working. I did it again after I saw your reply, but still doesn’t do the trick. There’s still a 404 error, the same as you get on the Sydney demo website.

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Please try this solution and let me know how it works for you.



Yeah, it worked. There’s stille one little glitch: I use Yoast SEO to generate the breadcrumbs. On the project single page, the breadcrumbs is displayed correctly (I translated it for you to understand): “You are here: Home » Projects » Gardens » Garden in whatever city”.

However, on the archive page (URL/projects), the breadcrumbs look like this: “You are here: Home” instead of “You are here: Home » Projects”

Any hints regarding this issue?

I forgot to mention that the <title> tag changed from “Projects - Name of site” to “Articles - Name of the site”