Category Template


First of all let me say, that this theme is really amazing! Thanks for making it available for free.

However, I wonder if you can help me.

I’d like to display all posts of a specific category in the same style as the home page (3 cols). How is it possible to achieve that?




Thank you for using Alizee.

There is no option for this at the moment, but we’re probably going to release a pro version of the theme which will contain such an option, among others.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in doing it yourself and if you’re comfortable with changing some code, this would be a quick guide:

  • create a child theme so you don’t loose your modifications
  • make a functions.php file in the child theme and overwrite the way the masonry scripts are loaded to include is_category().
  • change the archive.php to include the home-layout div, just like you can see in the index.php.
  • overwrite the css and add some styling (widths) for the .category .hentry selector.

Hello Vlad,

Thanks a lot for the fast reply and your help. I think I’ll get this done, however, I’m looking forward to a premium version, just to support your great work.