Category Page Title

Does any one know, how to hide Category page title from Sydney ?

Hello @Tripbeaver,

Please try to use this CSS code to hide Category page title from Sydney theme:

.archive-title {
    display: none;

You can add this code to style.css file of your child theme, also you can use Simple Custom CSS or similar plugin for adding CSS code.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Best Regards, Roman.

A further question - Can you only take part of the title for archive, what my page shows is “category: news” is the leyend " category" that I am trying to get rid off, not the actual category name “news” is this posible?

thank you

Hello @mancadamia,

Please try this solution. But note that if you want to make that modification permanent, then you have to override .php templates in a child theme.

By the way, it is better to create your own topic for your question to keep forum in good order.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hello Roman,

I worked great, I tried looking to create my own template for the child theme I am working but I will look into creating the php eventually

Thank you for your help !!! :slight_smile:

You are welcome @mancadamia!

And have a nice day :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.