Category missing from custom post types


Hey. thanks for a great theme. its by far the best free theme out there!
When implanting the demo content XML i get this error:
“Failed to import product_type external
Failed to import product_type grouped
Failed to import product_type simple
Failed to import product_type variable”

And i’m missing all the custom post types category options.
I have noticed that the TYPES plugin has been updated, is it related?
Is there any way to fix that?

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OK, found the solution if anyone need it.
For some rezone the category Taxonomy did not include all post types.
If that happens to you, you should go to Types -> Taxonomies -> Categories, click edit and manually add the post types you want to have the category Taxonomy appear in them.


Hello there,

Thank you for letting us know about it.

That error message shows the taxonomy terms which belong to the WooCommerce product custom post type.

Could you confirm if you have installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin?



Hey Kharis, thanks for the quick response.
No, i do not have woocommerce installed.
Actually I’ve been doing tests with this theme (i’m going to use it in a wordpress course i’m teaching), and installed it last week and everything was just fine.
Trying to repeat the posses now(on a new WP installation) for screen capture needs, I found out this bug.
You can see that i found the solution i needed, but maybe others will not.


Hello there,

Just ignore that “failed” message as you intentionally don’t need WooCommerce. The imported demo content will work as what you expected.



The issue was not the error, but the missing category taxonomy from all custom post types.


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Regarding the missing category taxonomy, please refer here. Those steps are applied for other post types as well.