Category link

Hi Vlad,
how are you?

In my sidebar (and in the entire site) category links to project or service don’t work. Message says “Nothing found”. For example

How can I resolve?

Thank you so much,


I can’t see your site as it is in maintenance mode. But I’m guessing you should go to Settings > Permalinks and save your permalinks without making any changes. Wordpress sometimes causes this issue.

Thank you Vlad, but it didn’t work!
Maintanance mode is off now!

Hmm, do you actually have posts in those categories?

I think so. I added them as projects and services. For example is in “estate” category but the link doesn’t work.

Sorry, I thought you were talking about regular posts.
It won’t work by default and it’s not something that we will be including in the theme.

So you can link to a regular page instead and use the services widget on that page, while selecting the category you want to display.
Or if you have a child theme we can try some code that should let you display services/projects on the category pages you have now.