Category label colors, post colors

Hi again!

I have a few questions regarding colors:

  1. I’d like to assign different colors to the category labels [and (ideally) the line that separates that post’s featured image from the text]. Is this possible?

  2. When I change the post colors, the text area changes from the default white to orange in the standard/feature image posts. How can I override this change back to the default white?

  3. Similarly to (2), when I use the code found in an earlier thread to change the background color for a sticky post, the text area is no longer white.

The code I’m using is:

.sticky {
background-color: #f93ea8 !important;

Thanks for your help!

I don’t know if I have a weird caching issue going on (I must), but now the label/line color issue I mentioned in (1) seems to have magically resolved itself.

So, now the only remaining question I have concerns the background color for the text area. How can I keep the text box area for standard posts the default white color when I change post colors in the customizer?


The posts color option changes the colors in order, it doesn’t really care if they’re regular posts or video or whatever.
Use this please:

.home .format-standard.hentry {
     background-color: #fff !important;
     color: #868686 !important;

Not really sure if I understand correctly what you’re asking though.

That did it - thanks! How do I also change the font so that it’s visible (given that it’s white when the post colors are turned on)?

This should do it:

.home .format-standard.hentry .post-content,
.home .format-standard.hentry .post-content a,
.home .format-standard.hentry .post-content .fa,
.home .format-standard.hentry .thumb-icon {
     color: #868686 !important;

You’re complicating things a bit by using the color scheme and then disabling pieces of it via CSS :slight_smile:

Awesome - perfect! Thanks, Vlad. And, you ought to know from my questions about Sydney Pro that I’m a pain in the ass…and now that my weird caching/lazy load(?) issue appears to be resolved, I have to say that I am leaning towards using the default after all because now it looks prettier :slight_smile:

Did you see my question about the slider? Just checking.