Categories "Hidden" in Safari


I’m having an issue with the category title and top sidebar widget being “hidden” underneath the transparent menu background when my site is loaded in Safari. I do not have this problem with Firefox (on a PC - I haven’t checked it on the Mac).

My site is

Do you have any ideas as to what may be causing this and if there is a solution? Thanks!


Go to Customize > Header Area > Header Type. I believe you have selected a header image for secondary pages, but you don’t actually have a header image.

Hi Vlad.

I only have the header selected for the home page…

@Kristi I think it is because the value of the top padding of the page is too small, you can try to add this code below using custom css plugin:

.page-wrap {
  padding-top: 160px;

Thanks, Awan. Unfortunately, that did not do the trick. Ironically, this problem occurs in Safari but not in Firefox. I’m at a loss…

I see the issue is resolved?

No, the suggestion Awan made did not work.

Clear your cache please. I did work as far as I can see.

That worked (forehead slap)! Thanks, Vlad. Issue resolved :slight_smile:

I take that back…it worked for Safari, but it adds way too much extra space when my site is open in Firefox. So, the problem remains that I can either have it look right in either Safari OR Firefox, but not both.

Since I’m assuming that more folks are using Firefox, I’ve removed the css code that Awan suggested, but now I’m back to square one. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks a bunch!

It looks to me the same throughout all browsers at the moment (with the menu bar collapsed over the title). I assume you switched the menu from static-sticky at some point and that messed up some things. We would need to do a minor change in the theme to prevent this. Meanwhile, this code should do the trick (without having to add the first one):

.site-header.fixed {
    position: relative !important;
.home .site-header.fixed {
    position: absolute !important;

That did it - thanks a bunch, Vlad!