Categories from page

OK, I’m a sort of newbie BUT, can anyone tell me how to get rid of the categories that show up/appear on my shop page please?
Thank you!


You can use a custom CSS plugin and add this:

.woocommerce-page .widget_categories {
     display: none;

Although what you will probably need (especially if you expand your shop more) is to have an alternative sidebar for the shop pages and add widgets in it that will be visible only on those specific pages. You can use WooSidebars for this.

Thanks Vlad, I might expand later but for now can you please tell me how I go about removing that left categories sidebar that’s on there now? Maybe you’ve already have but I’m a tad lost. Thanks Vlad,

Hi, I installed the ADD CUSTOM CSS plug in and put the code in but the categories is still on the page. Any thoughts please? Thanks V

I used this plug in and page etc…