Categories don't work in frontpage


I’ve created som categories in my activities but when I insert the slug into, for instance, Sydney FP: Services Type A, the slug is not saved when I save the page. So at this moment categories don’t work.

Can you test this? Or should I reimport the settings file?

You mean that you have created subcategories for activities category for Services? Then just asign your Services items to desired category.

I just checked, slug is saved, but when you enter Sydney FP: Services again it is cleared (defaults are loaded - mostly empty fields). It’s indeed unusual, entered values should stay, maybe some of next updates should solve this.

But it is working in this way too.

Yeap, values are saved so you can use that option, that’s how the demo site is built. They’re just not getting displayed only for the category field. Will look into it in a bit.

I found the issue, there was an empty space there. Thanks for pointing it out.

Hi There is a masking layer over the header image. How can I remove that?

You can add this to a custom CSS plugin:

.header-image .overlay {
     background: none;

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