Categories alts upset 'services' on front page

Hi, my website is at

I’m using sydney to create a portfolio kind of site and it’s going quite well. I’ve taken a backwards step though today and I can’t find how to fix the problem.

I am using the projects gallery to present work under different categories so a viewer can filter the pictures. I went into categories and renamed the default categories to suit my headings and I also deleted a couple of what I thought were redundant ones. Two of these were type-a and type-b. I think I may also have deleted one more, but can’t remember the name. I thought I was only affecting my project gallery, but since doing this the front page is no longer showing the services that I offer over the type a and b sections. I’ve added two catergories back and named them type-a and type-b but my services are still not showing.

Thanks very much for any help. Kevin

Hi, I’ve solved the problem. Not sure it was even connected to altering the categories in projects or not. I found that under the dashboard>services page, there were no category options listed or assigned. So I went into types>post types>services and clicked on a second check box for taxonomies to be used. This gave me the options for categories and I reassigned them to type a or b. Then it’s fixed. Thanks

Hello Kevin,

Thank you for sharing a solution.

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Kind Regards, Roman.