Cases: How to change the case field names

Hi! Cases allows us to create cases and mention the Client name, Outcome and Team.

Now I want to use cases, but I want to change the names of these fields. Within the Types settings I found a way to change these field names for the back office, but they don’t seem to change at the front end.

How can I make this happen?


Hi again :slight_smile: , it will always output same titles no matter what you change in backend. Go to your theme folder (quill) > templates and open content-cases.php, you have to change these values here.

And consider using child theme for this type of changes.

Hello. I, too, am having a problem with the Case field names and content in the Quill theme. My changes are not showing up. As an example, even though I changed the client name, it still appears as “Google.” Then, on some cases all of the original content shows, while on others, only “Outcome” shows. To make matters even more frustrating, when I try to update the Types plugin, I get the message that the update failed and to register for Toolkit. Lastly, I am not using a child theme; however, from an extensive review of these forums, I get the sense I should? Help, we’re newbies (not techies) at this and are really excited about using this theme.