Case Field Names

Hello. Sorry for the duplication, I realized this initial request was posted in reply to a closed topic, so I am resubmitting it here. Thanks for your understanding. I, too, am having a problem with the Case field names and content in the Quill theme. My changes are not showing up. As an example, even though I changed the client name, it still appears as “Google.” Then, on some cases all of the original content shows, while on others, only “Outcome” shows. To make matters even more frustrating, when I try to update the Types plugin, I get the message that the update failed and to register for Toolkit. Lastly, I am not using a child theme; however, from an extensive review of these forums, I get the sense I should? Help, we’re newbies (not techies) at this and are really excited about using this theme.

Hi, I just tried Cases widget and it is working normally, have you changed theme files in some way or maybe fields in types plugin in some manner? Can you share your page link with us so we can check?

Also I updated types plugin to latest version without a problem, I must dig a little about “register for Toolkit”, don’t know how that came up.

Regarding child theme, it is good choice only if you are planning to do some modification to theme files (if you don’t use child theme all your changes will be gone on next theme update).

Thank you for your response. Our site is in maintenance mode until we complete adding content (and the cases area is where we became “stuck”). The links will only take you to a landing page. Is there another way we can have you check this?

If you want you can send me admin credentials for WP to my email: dimi[@]

There is a bug in Types, see Vlads post.

Thanks. Sent you the credentials via email about two hours ago. Really, really appreciate your help!

I fixed it, it is working now. You can’t just add more fields with types plugin. For this case you should add new fields to theme folder > templates > content-cases.php which I did.

Because of the edits on next theme update you will lose changes so you should consider to use child theme.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I have installed the child theme!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: