Carousel Slider Not Works

this is my website

tried every thing. settings->Carousel Slider-> set 1 category
cannot see any slider at home page

please tell me how to add it…

Hi, carousel will be shown only on blog page, so you must set Front page displays > Your latest posts otherwise it will be shown on chosen blog page.

See picture.

it is already set.

Ok, great. Just make sure that you have posts assigned to chosen category, and also you have to set Featured image for post (featured image is used inside carousel).

all are in correct order.

i think as this states the carousel code needs to added the php file

it may be the solution. i have searched about this problem 5 days now. please go deep in to this. it will slove many users problems

No, it isn’t that. aReview theme is using OwlCarousel. Is your page live, can you share page link, and do you use child theme? I want to look with devtools if there is some error.

no child theme…

i have installed OwlCarousel plugin now.
can you guide me with steps adding to homepage

No, you don’t need plugin, it is already integrated. Here, I created screencast, sorry first one wasn’t capturing whole screen (it is happening on Linux unfortunately) :slight_smile: . It must work out of the box.

You can open an WP admin account for me to check it if you want.
My email: dimi[@] (just without []) :wink:

issue solved
thank you very much!!!