Carousel not Displaying Images


Trying to get the Carousel to display images of featured posts - any settings or image format/sizes I should know about ?? I presume featured images in posts / pages are the images displayed in carousel ?? Great theme by the way - thank you.



The carousel displays posts from just one category, and yeah, you need to have featured images for those posts.

You can select your category from Customizer > Carousel. The point of this is to allow you to create a category and mark the posts you want to show in the carousel in that category.


Works in Chrome OSx but not Safari OSx ??
Also is this theme ‘responsive’ as in scales to iPad/Tablet/Phablet etc ??
Thanks for your help.


You can resize your browser and see how it scales down. Yeah, it is responsive.

Not sure what you mean about Safari. Can you show me a screenshot?


screenshots here - let me know if this works


Let’s try that again :confused:


I’m not sure I understand, is the content pushed right or something?

It’s strange, because aReview is working pretty decent even on Safari for Windows which hasn’t been updated for about two years now.

Here’s a screenshot from the demo site on Safari for Windows:


well I’m puzzled - same with iPad if I request desktop site - as said works on all other browsers :frowning:


right reset all caches etc seems to have kicked in - might be a propagating issue from host as well


Great, thanks for coming back with this.