Carousel doesn't work


I’m trying to build my site, and the carousel doesn’t work.
I enabled it, clicked on a specific category, and my posts have an entry thumb image.
Nothing is shown.

Also, I’m working on a child theme.

Do you know what could be the cause of this problem?

Best regards,


I´m new and i have the same problem. Tried every configuration and the carousel is not working.


Hello, please check if you selected Featured Image for your posts like this:

That is important step for carousel to work properly.

If your problem persist, please send me your site links.

I have various posts with a featured image bit still have the same issue, My website is


I believe you set static front page from Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page. You should set it to Your latest posts and carousel will show up. It only shows on Blog page.

If it is something else, please let me know.