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How can i show carousel in all pages, not just home

but home, in category, in post, and any page

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, no, sorry. The carousel displays posts from just one category, and you need to have featured images for those posts. You can select your category from Customizer > Carousel.

But you probably know that :slight_smile:

hi, thank you for answer :slight_smile:

i want ask, how disable author, beside date post?

thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, there is no option for that. Here, apply code below with for ex. this plugin it will be removed :slight_smile:

.single span.byline {
    display: none;


yeah you are the best :slight_smile:

i need help. how to make a post thumbnail portrait, because some of my thumbnail-shaped landscape?

i want my all post thumbnail is potrait not landscape.

thanks :slight_smile:

For that you have to edit functions.php file, in fact you should create child theme and specifi new thumbnail sizes from child theme functions.php file. Anyway, this is code from functions.php which is responsible for that:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );
add_image_size('home-thumb', 650, 400, true);
add_image_size('single-thumb', 650);
add_image_size('carousel-thumb', 255, 160, true);

home-thumb is for blog page
single-thumb is if you tick option for displaying thumbnail in single post
carousel-thumb - it is obvious :slight_smile:

Just specify parameters for add image size function to your liking.

Note 1: after changing settings regenerate your thumbnails with for ex. this plugin.

Note 2: changes made in parent functions.php file will be lost on next theme update.


I had to change it, but nothing happens on thumbnal :frowning:


I succeed, i just change
add_image_size('home-thumb', 650, 400, true);
add_image_size('home-thumb', 650);

and regenerate thumbnail

Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

hehe thanks for help :slight_smile:

by the way i need help

i want make carousel for top post not categories.

Huh, currently I can’t imagine how carousel should be modified for that and to keep its current purpose.

The point of Carousel is to allow you to create a category and mark the posts you want to show in the carousel in that category.

If I understood you right, maybe this plugin could help, download it from here.