Cargar sydney en owrdpress 4.4.1


Tengo problemas con cargar el tema de sydney en wordpress 4.4.1, al momento que lo importo me marca error. me pueden apoyar. Nota: el video que tienen es de otra version de wordpress.


Hello @caesars,

Can you please provide more details about your issue and describe it in English language?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Wordpress 4.4.1 In view within this import tools within this submenu this wordpress, I select the .xml file to download Syndney-settings and tells me:
Sorry, there has been an error.
This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number

Okay @caesars,

Please make sure that you import settings file to Types plugin, not WordPress Importer.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.

solved. thank you

You are welcome @caesars,

I am glad that it’s solved!

Kind Regards, Roman.