Can't Upload Pro Version


I just bought the pro version and it’s not able to upload it says the php isn’t large enough but I’m using a click and build app through my host.

Help please!

you have to upload the zipped file. you might have an automatic unzipper

No it was zipped


php isn’t large enough is probably not the exact error you received. Feel free to make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll install it for you.

But I suspect your error is related to the max upload size, which might be too small for your server.

Thank you. I added you on there. I’m in the processes of moving from 1and1 to hostgator but this is a new domain so it has to stay

So like I said, your upload size isn’t big enough, it’s just 2MB. I installed a plugin to increase but it seems not to work. You should upload the theme via FTP, or change the settings in your php.ini file. Not much I can do for you, sorry.

I have no clue what that is specifically. I’m using a click and build

When you purchased your hosting they should have given you a FTP account. Could you check your emails and see if you have it?

I have 5.6 it says upload max file size is 40 m?

Nope, it’s 2MB. If it were 40 you could have uploaded the theme.

Again, can you check your emails and see if your host gave you a FTP account?

idk I have had this since April and this is way above my head.

You could use the search function in your email to look for it.

Or you can wait until you switch to Hostgator.

In witch folder am I suppose to load the theme up? I changed the php.ini on the server but it still doesn’t work - now I’d like to try FTP

@Salim Bopp: You’ll find a wp-content/themes folder where all your themes are. That’s where the theme needs to be added via FTP in case uploading from the WP interface isn’t working for you.