Can't upload any image in widgets


could you tell me what’s the problem ? thanks in advance !


Hi Blobby,

Can you please elaborate a bit more? How have you tried adding images? Which widgets?


i’ve tried “moesia fp blockquote” in the “appearance > customize” menu and “moesia fp clients” in widgets menu. nothing happens when i click on “upload image” button.

config : wp 4.0, firefox. should I change my navigator to chrome ?


one more question : what is exactly “Types” plugin you’re talking about in the documentation page ? is it the one made by “OnTheGoSystems” ?



  1. The widgets marked with FP are supposed to be used only to build your front page with the Page Builder plugin. You cannot upload a background image if you use them in a sidebar, simply because we’re not loading the image script there.
  2. The Types plugin is this. It should appear as recommended when you activate the theme.


i’ve finally understood how your theme works, I worked on it a few days and it’s realy an amazing job…
unfortunately the person i’m working for, find that the unique huge photo on the front page is not the best solution for huge computer screens… so we decided to use an another theme. do you have an idea how can we “back in time” to remove all moesia links on the dashboard ?


Are you referring to the Services, Employees etc?
If so, simply deactivate the Types plugin.


ok. thanks!


Please, im finding it difficult to add an html (such as a <br>) to a new page created with Moesia blockqoute.
Each time i switch to the editor and try to add a break, the changes are not reflected.
I would appreciate any help.



The blockquote widget doesn’t allow HTML.