Can't upgrade to Astrid PRO



I made a business website for my company on Astrid free and I want upgrade to PRO version.
I’ve just bought the whole PRO access and downloaded the Astrid PRO ZIP.

I tried to upload it on my website but not succeed because it can’t find style.css :
The message :
“Décompression de l’archive de l’extension…
Installation du thème…
L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Le thème n’a pas de fichier style.css.
L’installation du thème a échoué.”

It strange because I got one in the zip file…
The only thing I have to save from my free version is the personalized CSS, right ?
Because it’s 3 month of work and I don’t want to cancel it…


Airi-Pro and Astrid-Pro don't have CSS files


It looks like you are trying to install Astrid Pro as a theme.

But Astrid Pro is a plugin, so please install it as a plugin.

Kind Regards, Roman.


Thanks !! It’s ok



You are welcome! :slight_smile:

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have in future.

Kind Regards, Roman.