Can't update/remove background image

I’m in the process of setting up my website;, I updated to Sydney Theme from a previous theme. It updated the background image I had in the old theme onto Sydney automatically. If I go into Appearance, then Background, there is no image selected. If I select a new image and update, it still doesn’t use this image, instead it still uses the original image from the old theme. If I then “Remove” image, it still doesn’t remove the image and keeps the original background from the old theme.
If I change any of the other background settings, like background repeat, position or attachment, these setting do update correctly (but using the background image from the old theme). Can anyone help resolve this issue?

I see everything works now? Do you still need help or is your issue resolved?

It is now resolved - I realised that I had copy and pasted the footer code which included the background image information on it from the previous theme, this obviously overrode the settings for the Sydney theme. I updated the footer and this has resolved the issue.

Thank you for your help and for an excellent theme.